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Amy Coney Barrett: 5 things to know about the Supreme Court nomineePresident Trump announced Saturday that he is nominating Amy Coney Barrett, a respected jurist and conservative darling, to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

9/26/2020 4:33:49 PM

'We feel like we've lost': Breonna Taylor grand jury decision deepens wounds in LouisvilleAfter months of demonstrating and demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, supporters in Louisville, Ky., are left grappling with the stinging aftermath of the investigation.

9/26/2020 10:06:10 AM

Remains of 117 Chinese soldiers killed in Korean War returnedThe remains of 117 Chinese soldiers who died in the 1950-53 Korean War were returned to China on Sunday in an annual repatriation delayed this year by the coronavirus outbreak. South Korea handed over the remains at a ceremony at Incheon airport outside Seoul, and a Chinese military transport plane flew them to Shenyang, a northeastern Chinese city near the North Korean border. Chinese soldiers fought on the North Korean side against US-led forces in the South during the war on the Korean Peninsula. Most of the 117 remains were found in the Demilitarized Zone that separates North and South Korea. It was the seventh annual repatriation, and the largest since the 437 returned in the first one in 2014. In all, the remains of 716 Chinese soldiers have been sent back. This year's return, originally planned for the spring, was postponed for several months because of the spread of Covid-19.

9/27/2020 1:19:18 AM

As heat wave brings 'critical risks' of wildfires, California contends with two new blazesA heat wave in the Western U.S., combined with windy conditions in California, have increased the risk of fire in an area already battered by blazes.

9/27/2020 9:57:59 PM

Proud Boys Portland rally: Fred Perry tells right-wing group to stop wearing its iconic T-shirtsProud Boys says rally is ‘free speech event’

9/26/2020 8:26:42 AM

Federal judge blocks Texas’ elimination of straight-ticket votingDemocrats sued the state in March to overturn the Texas Legislature’s removal of straight-ticket voting.

9/26/2020 1:59:01 PM

New York City authorities worry over neighborhood coronavirus hotbedsCoronavirus infection rates have increased at "an alarming rate" in several New York neighborhoods, particularly among the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, city health authorities warned Sunday, threatening to sanction certain schools if they fail to comply with anti-virus regulations.

9/27/2020 10:28:12 PM

California law requires prisons to house transgender inmates by gender identityGov. Gavin Newsom signed a law on Saturday that requires California to house transgender inmates in prisons based on their gender identity, only if the state does not have “management or security concerns.”

9/27/2020 10:34:55 AM

An Irish tourist in Rome defaced the Colosseum by carving his initials into the walls of the ancient structure, according to a reportThe tourist was reported by security guards on Monday for defacing the inside of the historic site using a metal point, CNN reported.

9/26/2020 9:34:08 AM

Amy Coney Barrett, Supreme Court nominee, is Scalia's heirAlthough Amy Coney Barrett is the president’s choice to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she is more aptly described as heir to another departed Supreme Court justice: conservative hero Antonin Scalia. Like Scalia, for whom she once clerked, she is a committed Roman Catholic and a devotee of his favored interpretation of the Constitution known as originalism. President Donald Trump nominated the 48-year-old federal court appellate judge from South Bend, Indiana, at a Rose Garden press conference Saturday.

9/26/2020 1:04:12 PM